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"Life can be found in the present moment, but our minds are rarely dwell in the present moment. Instead we chase after the past or long for the future. We think we are being ourselves, but in fact we almost never are in real contact with ourselves. Our minds are too busy chasing after yesterday's memories or tomorrow's dreams. The only way to be in touch with life is to return to the present moment. Once you know how to return to the present moment, you will become awakened, and at that moment, you will find your true self." - Buddha

In 2009, I picked up photography as a hobby and soon discovered that in seeking out and capturing the alluring and fleeting moment of nature, I was at peace with myself and with my surrounding. I felt so alive and was keenly aware of the moment.

May you find Peace, Serenity, and Wonder in each moment of life.

Andrew J. Lee, PhD